As I am writing this, it has been a week since the conclusion of the Arnold Sports Festival 2017. For those of you that may know, the Arnold Sports Fest is basically a huge exhibition and conference in honour of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Personally, aside from extraordinary feats of strength, including #2017thecage by animalpak, world records in powerlifting and Brian Shaw dominating the Strongman comp, my highlight has to be Ryan Terry winning the Arnold Classic Mens Physique in an extremely competitive lineup featuring pretty much everyone of note other than Jeremy Buendia (Olympia Champ).

So many congrats Ryan, well deserved and couldn’t have been won by a nicer guy. Been fortunate enough to speak to and meet Ryan a few times, so here’s his stage shots from the arnolds;

Aside from that, here’s some other notable results from the weekend;

Thanks for reading guys

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