Beast Yourself Amino Beast is a scientifically advanced, micro formulated proteinogenic serum.

Proteinogenic amino acids are precursors to proteins, and simply put Amino Beast is a muscle building amino based supplement featuring an unprecedented blend of 20 proteinogenic amino acids.

The reason that this makes such a difference in this particular blend, is that instead of having amino’s thrown together in one blend, this amino supplement contains 20 amino’s in free form state and pre-digested. This means they enter the bloodstream in 10-15 minutes after consumption!

Beast Yourself Amino Beast Review

Monster Supplements kindly sent us the Orange Burst flavour Amino Beast to try out and review for you. The product itself mixes incredibly well in water, we used it both alone and with other supplements in an intra-workout mix. The serving size is 1 scoop (6g) per 300ml Water.

Beast Yourself Amino Beast Review

Amino Beast tastes really great, honestly one of the best tasting Amino drinks I’ve ever tasted. You can tell the product is high quality from the way it mixes and tastes, as unlike others, it doesn’t leave a sour taste and isn’t overly strong. You could quite comfortable sip it casually.

The recommended use is two servings per day, between meals, once in the morning, once in the evening. I personally train in the morning before work, so I used it whilst training, to assist in growth and repair, at the optimal time whilst training, along with 50g of fast acting carbs in my Monster Supplements shaker.

In terms of result, Amino’s are all about growth and repair, a way to measure it is in the way you feel after training, and over a longer period of time, whether you find a difference in growth. I can safely say, through a sustained period of intense training, including trying out FST-7 which is extremely high volume work, that I’ve not particularly felt any more or less sore than usual, but with this kind of product, it’s difficult to know if it’s working over a shorter period of time. I’ve been using this product for two weeks now, and have to say I’m very content with it and would definitely recommend purchasing this product from Monster Supplements.

If you would like to try out Amino Beast from Beast Yourself, Monster Supplements have kindly provided us with a discount code for our readers which is ‘BEAST10’ and will save you 10% on this and a range of other Beast Yourself products! Some of which we’ll be reviewing very soon so keep an eye out!

Thanks again to Monster Supplements for providing us with the product to review!

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