How much do bodybuilders weigh?

If you’ve thought about competing, you may have considered your weight. How big should you be? How heavy should you be? Well, here we aim to answer the following questions: How much do bodybuilders weigh? Is there an ideal bodybuilder weight per class?

Men’s Bodybuilding in the UK has a range of weight classes. If you’re looking to take part in weight class orientated bodybuilding shows, for example those run by the UKBFF & PCA, there’s generally a range of 5 weight classes. Those being 70kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg and over 100kg. The winners of each category then compete in an overall competition to determine whom has the best physique at the show. However, what I’m looking to address is, is there an ideal weight and height to win shows?

Open Men’s Bodybuilder weight

Take a look at the video below, it outlines the evolution in look of Mr. Olympia winners over time. As you can see, the size and appearance of Olympia winners has changed significantly. From Zane era pure aesthetics through to massthetics of Coleman and Cutler.

Let us look at the 2016 Olympia. As we all know, Phil Heath won, in the absence of Kai Greene, again. Not to take anything away from other competitors, but it was kind of expected hence the perfect score.

The top 5 was as follows:Bodybuilder Weight Olympia 2016

  1. Phil Heath – 5″9 – 250lbs – 111kg
  2. Shawn Rhoden – 5″10 – 240lbs – 107kg
  3. Dexter Jackson – 5″6 – 215lbs – 96kg
  4. Mamdouh Elssbiay (Big Ramy) -5″10 – 315lbs – 140kg
  5. William Bonac – 5″7 – 225lbs – 100kg

As you can see, the taller competitors tend to weigh more, but with the top two being so close together in terms of height and weight, you would say that a height of 5″9-10 and weight in the region of 110kg (250lbs) makes an ideal IFBB pro placing at the Olympia. Honourable mention to Kai Greene, who although hasn’t competed at the Olympia in the past two years, for me would have probably placed 2nd. He is also in the region of 250lbs on season but does come in higher sometimes.

Classic Physique Weight

The classic physique class was a very welcome addition to the IFBB circuit in my opinion. Focusing on the ‘Golden Era’ type look, emphasising aesthetics but featuring legs, which in my opinion is the drawback of mens physique.

The overall placings in 2016 were as follows;

1. Danny Hester – 5″6 – 170lbs -75kg
2. Arash Rahbar – 5″11 – (can’t seem to find stats)
3. Sadik Hadzovic – 5″11 – 194lbs – 86kg
4. Breon Ansley – 5″7 – 196lbs – 87kg
5. Darrem Charles – 5″9 – 195lbs – 87kg

However since the 2016 Olympia the IFBB have published an advisory notice on weight for classic competitors:

As we can see from this, by setting maximum weight classes in IFBB competitions for classic physique, you can see where is the maximum a competitor should be in terms of weight for their height.

Based on the 2016 results and advisory notice I would say that a height between 5″6 and 5″11 and weight between 170lbs (at 5″6) and 200lbs at 5″11 would leave you with the best possible physique in the classic category. Potentially a winner of 5″8/9 and 185-190lbs would be predictable in the future.

Mens Physique Weight

Finally we come onto Men’s Physique, personally, I will be competing in an MP show later this year, so for me, this has my interest. The reason I’m competing in MP is purely size related, I’m 5″10 and I’d be lucky to get on stage at 70kg. In off-season at present I’m around 175lbs or 77kg and very watery. Contrary to popular belief, with me hoping to compete in Men’s Physique, I do actually train legs and arguably, my legs are my most developed muscle group (except calves).

So let’s take a look at some of men’s physiques top competitors;

5th Andre Ferguson – 5″9

4th Brandon Hendrickson

3rd Jeremy Potvin – 5″6 – 153lbs – 69kg

2nd Ryan Terry – 5″10 – 187lbs – 85kg

1st Jeremy Buendia – 2016 3X Men’s Physique Olympia Champion – 5″8 – 175lbs – 78kg

Honestly, I can’t see anyone other than Jeremy Buendia or Ryan Terry winning the 2017 Olympia, so I’ve have to go with height of between 5″8-5″10 and weight around the 80kg mark. Personally I think Buendia will win again in 2017 and I arguably think Ryan Terry should move up to Classic as personally his physique structure for me suits that category more-so. Jeremy’s tiny waist, V taper and extraordinary chest development give him a package that others haven’t been able to match on stage. But I am excited to see what the 2017 Olympia season holds!

Overall as you can see, weight varies on your category, but if you’d like more in depth posts about competing and training cycles leading up to competition then please look at our competing section and training sections.



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