Bodypower 2017 has been and gone. It’s safe to say that Bodypower Expo has become by far the largest fitness exhibition in the UK, featuring hundreds of exhibitors and athletes and tens of thousands of visitors.

We attended Bodypower on Saturday this year for our 3rd visit, having done the newbie experience and competed on our last visit, this year, we were attending as visitors and for a few meetings.

Take a loot at this overview from Gymshark’s @GracefitUK on her exploits at Bodypower:

So what did we think about Bodypower 2017

The range and quality of athlete’s on show at Bodypower is unlike any other. I was personally a little disappointed for Jeremy Buendia, Phil Heath & Bradley Martyn weren’t at the expo, however, you really can’t knock it. Most of the industries biggest names are in attendance year in year out and in my opinion, that’s exactly why the expo has grown to the extent it has. From Steve Cook to Kai Green and Nicki Blacketter to Big Z, the expo caters to every gym user’s interests!

Where I feel Bodypower could improve, is the way athletes are presented. The queues are horrendous and even taking up 4 halls of the NEC, we were crammed like sardines. In my 3 Bodypower Expo’s to date, this was by far the craziest, but also most difficult to negotiate.

I’ve pretty much done most of the bodypower experience(except being on stand, next year please), as a newbie being blown away by meeting hero’s, to competing and this year to networking and doing business with companies on behalf of my blog. But from a visitor side, this year was just too busy!

I arranged a couple of meetings, the problem that I had was getting into stands to meet specific people and to look over, try and purchase new product. I think brands have become a little too focused on the drive of the athlete on stand. Which is great for the athlete and for the brand in terms of sheer quantity passing the stand. But I feel as though they need to separate athlete meetings and signings out from their offering.

I’m not sure if Bodypower or brands have ever toyed with the idea, but having an athlete zone would alleviate this. The queues around stands were just horrendous and made the place inaccessible in places. Credit to them for making it so busy and building year on year and who can blame them!

What I think would work well is having a zone specifically for athletes, sort of theme park style, with designated queues, queue times and information on when each athlete will be there, under the banner of the company they represent, but separate to the main company stand.

That way, those that want to go to meet athletes can, get pictures & freebies etc and still be associated with the brand they represent. But the brand stands will then be free to promote product, entice new customers, showcase talks and items etc.

Plus points for the show were the athlete talks, really great value added, the PCA show was a brilliant addition, way ahead of previous shows that have featured at Bodypower and obviously the standard of Athletes is just incredible!

But, as always, I’m looking forward to going to Bodypower again next year, but I’ll also be heading down to a few more expos so keep an eye out for when and where and whom I’ll be with! (There’s some news coming soon that I really can’t wait to share with you all)



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