What do we eat when bulking?

Bulking as an extreme ectomorph is a wonderful thing. Unlike my more genetically gifted counterparts whom can naturally gain muscle easily, as an ectomorph, you really have to put some calories in to gain size. Personally, I’ve gone from 47kg (105lbs) at age 17 up to a nice and healthy 78kg (175lbs) at age 23, naturally, at 5″10 in height.

In this period I’ve taken part in several bulking and cutting cycles, but until recently, I’ve never really committed to a large bulk. At the moment and for the foreseeable future, abs are out the window, and I’m just looking to gain some size. I naturally don’t retain much body fat and mass gains are slow, but here’s an example of the diet that works well for me.

In terms of macros tracking, I kind of don’t. I just try getting 70g+ carbs and 30g+ protein with EVERY meal if possible. I don’t really track fat consumption.

Bulking Diet Template

  1. Meal One – 606 calories – 33g Protein – 73g carbs + sugar
    1. 100g Oats – 376 calories – 12g Protein – 58g Carbs – 8.7g Fat
    2. 125ml whole milk – 79 calories – 4.2g Protein – 5.8g Carbs – 4.5g Fat
    3. 12g sugar – 48 calories –
    4. 1 Scoop whey (Myprotein Impact Whey) – 21g Protein – 1g carbs – 1.9g Fat – 103 calories
    5. Orange Juice – 100ml – 43 calories – 9g carbs
  2. Intra Workout – 200 calories
    1. 1 scoop maltodextrin – 50g carbs – 200 calories
    2. BCAA
  3. Post Workout Meal Two – 851 calories – 133.5g Carbs – 33.5g Protein
    1. ON serious mass – 1/2 serving – 25g Protein – 125g Carbs – 2.5g Fat – 699 calories
    2. 250ml Whole Milk – 152 calories – 8.5g Protein – 8.5g Fat – 12g Carbs
  4. Meal Three – 348 calories
    1. 1/2 Tin Baked Beans – 150 calories – 9.7g protein – 27g Carbs
    2. 2 slices wholemeal bread – 198 calories – 34g carbs – 9g protein – 3g fat
  5. Meal 4 – 696 calories
    1. 240g Chicken Breast – 396 calories – 74g Protein – 9g Fat
    2. 1/2 Tin Baked Beans – 150 calories – 9.7g protein – 27g Carbs
    3. 125g Basmati Rice – 32g Carbs – 4g Protein – 150 calories
  6. Meal 5 – 406 calories
    1. 2 slices wholemeal bread – 34g carbs – 9g protein – 3g fat – 198 calories
    2. 200g turkey breast – 34g protein, 8g carbs, 3g fat, 208calories
  7. Meal 6 – 892 calories
    1. 100g Pasta – 11g Protein, 72g Carbs, 2g Fat, 353 calories
    2. Minced beef 150g – 428 calories – 36g protein, 30g fat
    3. 20g Mozarella – 50 calories – 5g protein – 4g fat
    4. 125g dolman smooth – 61 calories – 8g carbs, 1.5g protein

Total Calories – 3,999 calories per day.

Excluding drinks throughout the day!

Now that is just a sample diet and open to change. I also take some Omega 3 capsules between meals. I’ll also snack on other things if I have them at hand throughout the day.

When cutting, I really dial down on macros and track calories, but that’s just not needed to an extent when bulking. Eat good wholesome meals and consistently hit a calorie surplus.

For other notes on nutrition, please check out our nutrition category here. 

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