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EatSleepGym is a fitness and bodybuilding blog that provides information, workouts, motivational posts, reviews and discount codes to your favourite brands including the likes of Gymshark, Myprotein, Monster Supplements, Optimum Nutrition, USN, and more!!! Promo video for EatSleepGym featuring Jordan Mason shot by Danyl Goodall at the Legendary Saxon Gym.  

Rich Piana

Rich Piana – Workouts, Steroids & All you need to know

Rich Piana is an absolute monster. Aside from stats like a competition weight of 270lbs and an offseason weight of 290lbs. The guy has been training from age 11 to bodybuilder parents and, now in his 40s is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the sport. Rich is one of the only guys in Read more about Rich Piana – Workouts, Steroids & All you need to know[…]

PCA Bodybuilding

PCA Bodybuilding – Who? What? Why?

PCA bodybuilding or the Physical Culture Association is a bodybuilding federation in the UK. The PCA is branded as the bodybuilding federation that is in the game for the athlete. Because of this, they have quickly generated momentum and become one of the largest federations in the UK. Here’s a snippet from the PCA site; Read more about PCA Bodybuilding – Who? What? Why?[…]

Bodybuilder Weight Olympia 2016

How much do bodybuilders weigh?

If you’ve thought about competing, you may have considered your weight. How big should you be? How heavy should you be? Well, here we aim to answer the following questions: How much do bodybuilders weigh? Is there an ideal bodybuilder weight per class? Men’s Bodybuilding in the UK has a range of weight classes. If Read more about How much do bodybuilders weigh?[…]