It’s a great idea to eat something before a workout. This meal should be filled with essential nutrients to help fuel your session and provide the nutrients required to promote healthy living, enabling you to repair post workout.


How you space your food throughout the day will realistically have a minimal effect on your overall calorie intake and thus weight loss or gain. However, failure to eat something before working out, or eating a meal that doesn’t contain sufficient carbohydrates, fat and protein will massively impact your performance levels.

Key considerations before training

When did you last eat?

What went into your last meal?

How are your macros and calories stocking up vs your plan?

How intense is your session?


Eating and exercise really do go hand in hand, so whilst it’s beneficial to eat pre workout, you don’t necessarily want to overeat.


What we’d suggest is that pre workout, one should consume a larger share of faster acting carbohydrates as this is the bodies preferred energy source. Foods like cereal, fruit and to an extent pasta are great for this purpose under an hour before your workout. Keep this as a fairly small meal and dial in on what your body needs for your workout.


If you’ve not eaten for several hours you may want something a little more substantial, we’d recommend protein to prevent breakdown and a carb source, then potentially throwing in a fast acting carb source like dextrose or maltodextrin intra workout with BCAAs.


Post exercise you can then load up with a higher volume, large meal with bloating and lethargy less important.


For us personally, carbs are centred around workouts, proteins post workout and spread throughout the day, with fats filling in to make up calories.


If you have any concerns regarding your diet, or feel as though your workouts are hindered please consult with a registered dietitian or healthcare professional.


If you are experiencing difficulty with being light headed during your workout, blurred vision or any other medical concerns, immediately stop your session and take medical advice.


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