The Meadows row, as coined by John Meadows is a great mass builder for the lats and rhomboids in particular.

To perform this exercise effectively, you want to use a strap. Take an overhand grip at the end of a bar that’s set up on a landmine or T-bar attachment.

Stand with a just inside shoulder width stance with your opposite foot to your worked “side” forwards, as you would with a dumbbell row.

Then place your non worked elbow on to your lead leg and lock yourself in place.

The key here is to really keep a flat back position, we’re looking for no movement here whatsoever.

Now pull through your elbow, keeping your back flat in place and contracting your lat as hard as possible in a fast concentric motion.

Slowly control the bar back to your starting position allowing your arm to pull slightly forwards and get a full stretch in your lat, before initiating the movement again.

Like everything, learn the movement first, before progressing the load.

John himself states that “this exercise is more responsible for the mass and detail I’ve put on my lats than any other, and is my go-to exercise for anybody that comes to me for help with a stubborn back”

So if you’re struggling to grow your back, why not put these into your programme.

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