I went on holiday last week and haven’t really lost any shape or size. So I kind of wanted to talk you guys through my diet and training with limited equipment. Just to show you that you can still make changes and still maintain size/shape even when letting go a little bit.

Holiday Tip One – Do your research when booking

When booking any hotel, the nature of me being me, is to look at the gym facilities. The problem being, most nicer hotels, cater towards those that do cardio, and that’s about it. The hotel I chose had a gym, I could see some weights and limited machines from the images and thought I could make do, so we booked it.

I assumed before we left that I’d be struggling for ‘heavy’ weights whilst on holiday, of which legs is generally my heaviest day, so decided to hit quads and had the most intense session of my entire life which looked a little like this:

By planning ahead, I then got legs out of the way, so that I wouldn’t need to think about training them through the rest of the holiday and could then train them again when I returned.

 Holiday Tip 2 – Take your supplements with you

If like me, you stay in hotels where food is provided at set meal times, you can fall short and be out of sync with meal times. For me, taking on some BCAAs and sipping on some carbs throughout the day kept my energy levels high and reduced the potential for muscle breakdown. I didn’t take any shakes with me, as you can really load up on protein intake through 3 meals if need be.

Holiday Tip 3 – Stay hydrated (not on alcohol I’m afraid)

Alcohol is catabolic, the more alcohol you take in, the worse you suffer when it comes to losing gains. So the first thing I would say is to limit your alcohol intake (sorry). Personally I had literally 3 alcoholic drinks in my entire week. But that’s just me, I’m not really a drinker, and you’ll be absolutely fine in moderation.

The more pressing matter is to make sure you increase water intake. When it’s hot, we sweat more. When we sweat more, we need to intake more water, it’s really that simple.

Holiday Tip 4 – Training with limited equipment

I went down to the gym on the first day to scope out the equipment, and I’d advise you to do so too! The reason for this is you can manage your expectations. Nothing worse than having a heavy session planned out, then having to deviate from the plan and change your workout when your head is already in that mindset.

I saw that DB’s went up to 14kg, the barbell could be loaded up to 40kg and the machines were up to 60kg, which is well within my working ranges on almost every exercise. So I planned to pre exhaust, change rep ranges, rest times and set frequency to accommodate for this.

Say if you would normally work in the 4×10-12 rep range with 60 seconds between each set, try changing to 5×12-15 with 45 seconds between each set.

I also implemented some FST-7 training which is a really great way to get a pump!

Holiday tip 5 – Eat, eat and eat some more

It’s really easy on holiday to get hold of food. Take advantage of this, if your training is a little off, compensate with more calories. You probably won’t be getting in as many meals as you do at home, so when it comes to meal times, get some calories in you! It’s also a good time to have a de-load, let your metabolism check itself and get you in the frame to kick on hard when you get home. I did not track macros on holiday and if I’m honest still ate nowhere near as much as I do at home, but I made use of meal times and refuelled of the evening in particular. Make sure you’re hitting carbs throughout the day so you have available energy and protein intake can be higher than your normal meals through a 3 meal per day intake.

But most of all, have some fun, it’s okay to not be as strict for a week or two, let your hair down, enjoy your holidays, you’ve earned it!

More images from my holiday can be found on Instagram here:


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