Joe Wicks Workouts are everywhere. His popular social channels and youtube presence as well as likeable nature make the workouts easy to follow and offer exercises everyone knows. The problem? They’re generic. I have no doubt that Joe Wicks is a great trainer, when he gets specific with his clients. But these workouts you see on youtube aren’t catered to your goals. If a programme isn’t catered to what you can do right now, what you’re looking to achieve and built with you in mind, it’s really not the right one for you.

Saying that, you should definitely go and check out Joe, here’s a link to his site!

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Joe Wicks Workout

Here’s an overview of Joe Wicks’ 4 Week Fat Loss Programme;

Circuit 1: Monday

Time 30sec per move Rest between circuits 2min Circuits 4

  1. Jump Squat
  2. Squat
  3. Star Jump
  4. Press Up
  5. Bicycle

As you can see, there’s exercises in there that some people just wouldn’t be able to do, i.e. jump squats and press ups with no alternatives to get you to be able to complete the circuit. Plus 30 seconds of press ups is hard.

Circuit 2: Wednesday

Time 30sec per move Rest between circuits 2min Circuits 4

  1. Knee Raise
  2. Jump Lunge
  3. Burpee
  4. Diamond Press Up
  5. Mountain Climber

Circuit 3: Friday

Time 30sec per move Rest between circuits 2min Circuits 4

  1. Rope Climb
  2. Side Lunge
  3. Wide Press Up
  4. Crab Cross Over
  5. Plank

Circuit 4: Saturday

Time 30sec per move Rest between circuits 2min Circuits 4

  1. Standing Sprint
  2. Squat Thrust
  3. Clap press up
  4. Crunch
  5. Reverse Crunch

Now that is 15 minutes each day of difficult high intensity work with complex and hard movements for total beginners. Realistic? Nope.

In reality, they’re not bad circuits, just not relevant to the people they’re aimed at and would be great for conditioning for those that have been training a while and find cardio dreadful (like myself)

Just worth noting that generalised plans aren’t for everyone (or really anyone) but they can have good benefits in that they’re easy to follow and a beginner can make significant progress very quickly.

For fat loss however, diet is much more important than bodyweight circuits.

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