Tuesday for me is Legs. Today’s session was relatively heavy with a split between strength training on squats and hypertrophy with the other exercises.

Today’s routine

I started with sub parallel squats. Working sets went from 8 reps down to a single working from 100kg up to 130kg. I Probably shouldn’t have gone for the 130kg single as I’d taken a lot out of my legs with the first 3 working sets.

Reps per set were 8/5/5/3/1

Here’s my set of 3 reps at 120kg:

I’m not particularly pleased with the depth on my last rep having gone much heavier last week to parallel for a single.

I then moved on to leg press, pure hypertrophy here with 5 sets of 10 and 5 plates a side. It’s a really nice motion on the lying leg press to and allows you to push through above normal weight and stack the weight up.

Finally I had a superset of leg extensions with calf press on the seated leg press.
3 sets of 8 on leg extensions with focus on eccentric motion and reps to failure on calf press.

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