Musclefood have kindly hooked me up with a box from their Do The Unthinkable plan, so this week I’ve been using their meals instead of my normal prep food and decided to review it for you.

Just to give you an overview of the plan, they send you meals and meal kits for 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, tailored in line with the goals you set out and metrics you put in on their site.

So I’ll break the plan down into a few variables and let you guys know my thoughts.

  1. Delivery
  2. Variety
  3. Nutrition
  4. Taste
  5. Time Saving
  6. Price

My first thing to say is that these plans are pretty low calories, so I’d only really advise them as your entire diet if you’re looking to either maintain or lose weight. If you’re of a reasonable size and activity level, unless you’re specifically looking to lose weight, you’ll be pretty hungry if you just eat the contents of these plans.

Now onto my thoughts…..


The delivery came via Yodel, it was all in one box, perishables vacuum packed and cold compressed to keep fresh, so can’t fault this. My other half was home when it was delivered, so no problems with it being outside in the rain or too hot since we’re in the UK…. 10/10Do The Unthinkable - Musclefood


Food variety is pretty good, it actually made me kind of diversify what I ate through the week and the selection is pretty large. I would say if you’re a veggie or vegan, that you may struggle with the selection available, so probably look for an alternative solution. I had things like pancakes, oats, pizza, chicken, steak, pork and loads more, so can’t really complain there. 8/10


Where these plans come unstuck is if you’re into IIFYM (as I am), following the plan itself, the base protein content is quite low, so I needed to supplement the diet quite significantly and consume more meals than the plan had. If there’s one piece of feedback I could give them, it’d be to give you a calorie and macro target, and allow you to select foods to reach that target. Obviously this is more challenging, but to get the most out of it, this would be my advice. 6/10


Do The Unthinkable - MusclefoodIn terms of taste, I picked some things I wouldn’t normally eat, so kind of excluding those from my mind here. I had both meal kits and prepared ready meals as well as snack items. If I’m truly honest, the pre-preapred meals were hit and miss, things like the pizza and spaghetti were great, but the snack boxes of chicken and rice were pretty dry, so if I were to repeat order, I’d steer clear of those and go for the meal kits instead. The meal kits themselves are really great, I ate some foods I’d normally eat and got ingredients I wouldn’t normally try, so for a bit of dietary variety that was great. The food was all fresh, had long use by dates and freezable, it just depends if you get this for food quality or convenience as to what you choose. 7/10


Looking at time saved, well I didn’t have to do a big food shop, so that saved me an hour, but because I don’t eat 3 meals a day, there was still quite a lot of cooking and food prep to be done for me, and I go through the food in 3 days, rather than the 5 days the plan was over, in addition to adding breakfast items and more food. If you stuck with the ready meals, it’d be pretty convenient and the time saving would be huge, but the meal kits you’re still cooking essentially the same as you normally would. What’s great though it that it just takes the thinking out of cooking, gives you all the ingredients, you just cook it. 7/10

Do The Unthinkable - Musclefood


The biggest challenge that food prep companies have is to get over the line on cost vs convenience. Plans start at £60 for 5 days of food and go up to £79 for 7 days of food, they state it’s between £1.88-£2 per meal time, but realistically, it’s more like £4 per meal if you take out the snacks. Now our weekly food shop for a family of 3 is roughly £90 per week, that gives me 5 meals a day, then add supplements on top, and to be honest, I probably eat 70% of that. If I were to do this, in addition to food for my partner and daughter, and get the extra food I’d need to fulfil my calorie requirements, we’d probably be spending £130+ per week. This is where the value for money argument vs time becomes a thing. For me, I like to prep, but I have also used food prep companies, it just depends on time available and ultimately budgetary constraints. 5/10

My Thoughts On The Do The Unthinkable Plan

Do The Unthinkable - MusclefoodWhat I would say however, is that if you struggle to stick to a plan, and want that control element taken away from you to keep you on plan, and you’re a single person, you’re buying food for yourself, and you’re looking to lose weight, then this could totally work for you! And for the majority of people this is more than sufficient for that.

Hopefully, that answers some of the questions you guys may have had about the plan and just gives you my thoughts. If you’re interested in trying it, they’ve kindly provided me with a discount code to share with you that’ll get you £5 off your weekly plans, which you can find below.

If you’ve tried it, let me know your thoughts on the plan!

Enter JORDANDTU at checkout for £5 off every week of your plan and get started here;

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