Magnesium is essential for the production of energy within every cell in the body, having good stores of magnesium can allow you to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue. The guys over at Nutri Advanced have kindly supplied me with a few months worth of Magnesium Glycinate to test and review for you guys.

What is Magnesium Glycinate?

Magnesium is involved in over 200 enzymatic reactions in the body, and suboptimal intakes of dietary magnesium are common. Magnesium Glycinate provides 100mg of magnesium as bisglycinate per tablet.

Magnesium bisglycinate is a very well absorbed and tolerated form of magnesium.

Magnesium contributes to:

 • the normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles.
• energy-yielding metabolism and to the reduction of tiredness & fatigue.
• electrolyte balance.
• normal protein synthesis.
• the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

What are the ingredients and dosages of Nutri Advanced Magnesium Glycinate?


  • Magnesium (bisglycinate)  – 100mg
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Cottonseed oil
  • Croscarmellose sodium
  • Magnesium stearate
  • Silicon dioxideNutri Advanced Magnesium Glycinate

Dosages: 2 tablets two or three times daily with meals, or as directed.

My thoughts and results

First I’ll talk about the tablets themselves. In terms of swallowing ability, they’re actually quite large. This meant that I didn’t even attempt to swallow them whole, I split them in half. However, with water, split in half, they went down as you’d expect from a high quality company like Nutri Advanced.

What I will say however, is if, like me, you’re not really a fan of tablets, then they could do with a coating to make the texture a little easier. But again, that’s just me, I insisted on medicine until I was well into my teen years because tablets just didn’t sit well with me.

Now the results, personally, I didn’t really notice a great amount of difference in the 2-3 weeks period that I’ve been using these tablets. Having spoken with Nutri Advanced and going through my diet with them, it would seem I have high Magnesium intake, as such, my body is receiving the right amounts to ensure that I’m producing energy effectively and not fatigued, which is essential during my moderate-heavy exercise, training 5 days a week. Again, when I review products I am completely honest and transparent with you guys, so in this instance, I didn’t notice any difference.

This however, doesn’t mean that this isn’t a great product, it’s just that I don’t need to supplement Magnesium. Please go ahead and take a look at some of these reviews of Magnesium Glycinate from Nutri Advanced, take a look at the product itself  and let me know what you guys think!

Thanks once again to Nutri Advanced for giving me the chance to review this product!

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