Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is a heavy weight gainer for those looking to really pile some mass on. With recommended servings with whole milk exceeding 1800 calories, it really will help you to put some size. If only by sheer calorie surplus.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Review

The serving size of ON Serious Mass is very large, with 2 heaped scoops coming in to 334g of powder. I would recommend halving that serving size for a number of reasons. Firstly, I take my protein with whole milk. If I were to take that serving size with whole milk, I’d be not far of 2000 calories per serving. By reducing to half, we’re under 1000 calories per serving, so there’s less bloating.

There’s also a total of 252g of carbs per serving for a full serving which is very heavy but only coming in with 50g protein. By splitting this and using milk, you still hit over 120g carbs but receive 35g of protein per serving, so this would suit your macros more-so.


In terms of taste, I’ve tried Chocolate, as On Serious Mass ingredientsI do with pretty much every shake I buy, it isn’t sickly and with milk it genuinely tastes like a chocolate milkshake. Mcdonalds standard! The powder itself is smooth and mixes well giving a nice texture to taste but I would still recommend using a smoothie maker to mix with.

Results wise, Optimum Nutrition Serious mass is a high quality, carb packed gainer. I’ve used this as my staple weight gainer for the last 2 bulking seasons. My results have been nice, even using as half servings. I would recommend using another  isolated whey alongside this with oats in the morning. Depending upon your bulking/cutting cycle, use this or replace with a lower carb shake.



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