PCA bodybuilding or the Physical Culture Association is a bodybuilding federation in the UK.

The PCA is branded as the bodybuilding federation that is in the game for the athlete. Because of this, they have quickly generated momentum and become one of the largest federations in the UK.

Here’s a snippet from the PCA site;

“An association for bodybuilding and fitness. One that puts the athletes first, has been formed with the primary goal: the evolution of physical culture.

The PCA will continually move forward, innovate and improve.”

The PCA’s founder Ryan Alexander decided that the time was right to develop a new federation that truly puts an athlete first. After all, if the incentive is not there for the athlete, then why should they choose that federation to compete with? There’s been dissociation between federations and athletes in the UK scene with bans thrown out for ‘disloyal’ competitors. Quite frankly bodybuilding has become far too political.

The PCA ethos sets to combat the status quo;

1)      Integrity & values: Honesty, openness, ethics, and fairness.

2)      Diversity: Different ideas, strengths, and interests are paramount with healthy debate encouraged.

3)      Dynamics & innovation: Modernise fitness and bodybuilding while adapting events to adhere to the constant flow of evolving technology and continuously improving the quality, look and image of the Association.

4)      Passion: lies at the heart of the Association.


Full details can be found on the class criteria section of the PCA site

  • Men’s Bodybuilding
  • Classical Bodybuilding
  • Disabled Bodybuilding
  • Men’s Physique
  • Men’s Muscle Model
  • Ladies Toned Bikini
  • Ladies Trained Bikini
  • Ladies Toned Figure
  • Ladies Athletic Figure
  • Ladies Trained Figure

PCA Bodybuilding Events

 For more information regarding PCA events, please contact the PCA.

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