Rich Piana is an absolute monster. Aside from stats like a competition weight of 270lbs and an offseason weight of 290lbs. The guy has been training from age 11 to bodybuilder parents and, now in his 40s is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the sport.

Rich is one of the only guys in the industry who are open about their use of steroids. This works massively in his favour as he only recommends from personal experience. For instance gear that he tries. He only speaks with his best interests in mind, and he has no intention of bullshitting new lifters into thinking they can look like Phil Heath or Jeff Seid in 3 years of just hard training. In short, Rich isn’t selling you the dream. He also has monstrous arms, well worth checking out the workout below!

Rich Piana Steroid Use

Rich has openly spoken about his use of steroids and admits to having first ‘cycled’ at age 18. He openly discusses across social media steroids he’s used, their effects and what he recommends for others looking to use them. The benefit of listening to Rich is that he has experience and has used anything he speaks about. The drawback is, Rich has been on gear for a long time. He knows his body inside out, he diets well, trains hard and knows the game.

Here’s a snippet of him talking about an ideal cycle;

With a quick browse of Rich’s youtube channel, it is easy to find him talking about gear. It is also easy to get him to respond to questions. Rich is not a dick, he is personable, friendly and one of the nice guys in the industry. If you ever get chance to meet him, do so!

Rich Piana Workouts

It’s safe to say, that anyone with a competition weight of 270lbs, even though he’s touched synthol, likes to lift some heavy ass weight. As such, that’s what you can expect from Rich Piana’s workouts.

Rich splits his workout routine as follows

  • Monday – Back
    •  Single Arm Dumbbell Rows & Two Handed Dumbbell Rows
    • Reverse Cable Fly’s
    •  Lat Pull-Downs
    • T-Bar Rows
    • Bent Over Barbell Rows
  • Tuesday – Chest (+either biceps or triceps)
    • Incline Chest Barbell Press
    • Flat Bench Barbell Press
    • Cable Fly’s
  • Wednesday – Legs
    •  Lying Leg Curl Machine
    • Isolated Single Leg Curl Machine
    •  Stiff Legged Dead-Lifts
    • Leg Extensions
    • Leg Press
    •  Hack Squats
  • Thursday – Shoulders
    •  Dumbbell Lateral Raises
    •  Machine Shoulder Press
    • Reverse Fly’s
    • Machine Trap Raises
    • Barbel Front Trap Raises
  • Friday – Arms
    • Single Arm Isolation Cable Bicep Curls
    • Dumbbell Bicep Curls
    • Reverse Fly’s
    • Incline Dumbbell Curls
    • Machine Seated Triceps Push Downs
    • Overhead Rope Triceps Extensions
    • Close Grip Bench Press

He does however have some basic differences to others.

  • Stretches throughout his workouts to increased blood flow to the muscles.
  • Trains with a 4-6 sets ranges for exercises.
  • Goes above the 12 rep ranges for exercises.
  • Starts his chest workouts with incline presses.
  • Likes to use machines.
  • Training biceps or triceps sometimes on his chest days.

Overall, Rich’s workouts aren’t extremely difficult to achieve. They contain a lot of volume and he does lift heavy ass weight!


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